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About Spokojnia

Spokojnia is a place of diagnosis, development and care of peace. I believe, we may differ when it comes to what gives us peace, but for sure, we are all connected by the fact that we need it in life.

Spokojnia promotes a lifestyle in which, by caring for the state of mind and body, we achieve harmony, gentleness and a sense of happiness. It is said that the holistic approach builds our wellbeing in the long term - health, vital energy and a sense of meaning.

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Spokojnia is a perfect place for those who are searching for:



Spokojnia is a part of my story, because the passion for wellbeing started in the difficult moments of my life. It was only natural than that I began to search for balance, strength and a sense of feeling safe. This, in turn, has changed my lifestyle and the awareness with which I create my life every day and it enables me to make decisions that bring me closer or further away from my peace and well-being.

My attitude was also reflected in the style of work. Over the years of working with business clients, I have received feedback from them that after meeting with me, they feel the inner peace and want to come back for more.

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The turning point was a longer stay in Costa Rica. Costa Rican wellbeing is called „pura vida”. “Pura vida” is a lifestyle – a peaceful, simple life with deep gratitude for what you have. That is what I wished for myself for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I wished for the same for my clients too, so I might say that I was deeply inspired by this stay in the Pacific Ocean region.

That’s how Spokojnia came to life.

Spokojnia is part of my professional mission and I believe that peace, silence and stillness are qualities that the world needs right now.

Today I am developing a patient and humble approach in supporting my clients on their way to their inner peace. I am constantly looking for new opportunities to build the strength of peace in myself and to cultivate peace in this busy and restless world.


My Clients

I met Agnieszka 6 years ago. And since then I have been working with her support and know-how. First in the form of coaching, then also with workshops for my teams. I am thrilled with Agnieszka's sensitiveness to others combined with strength, firmness, ability to be specific, and get to the core point. I can always count on her honest feedback, even if it is a difficult one for me. She say it directly when she feels that my ideas are not serving me.

What keeps us in touch, and I see value in continuing to work with Agnieszka, is her constant desire to develop and to find new ways (forward).

Thanks to Agnieszka, I can develop and inspire myself with our discoveries together, both in the professional and personal areas. Also, all the people I recommended Agnieszka to were very satisfied

Joanna Nguyen, Founder & CEO

I recommend Agnieszka as a coach! She is a warm, empathetic and trustworthy person. Her professionalism, commitment and knowledge motivate and inspire to work on oneself. She teaches how to deal with challenges, difficulties and pressure. The atmosphere of support and acceptance at the meetings helped me in my personal and professional development.


My first meeting with Agnieszka was a birthday present from a loved one and I didn't really know what to expect. Already during the first meeting, I was grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Agnieszka and participate in OdNowa – one day retreat. OdNowa is more than a Sunday meeting in a beautiful place - it is an opportunity to look at many aspects of our life from a different, better and calmer perspective.

Kasia Kędra, Quality Assurance Engineer

OdNowa – one day retreats- organized by Agnieszka allowed me to discover myself in a new way.  I changed a vision of myself in the world, calmed down the dialogue of my own thoughts, re-built my relationships, and I became a happy person. I learned not to anchor my presence in the past, but to be here and now and get the most out of it. The series of one day retreats with Agnieszka has been a very significant time for me - full of inspiration and motivation. After each retreat I come back refreshed and full of good energy.

Agnieszka Kowalik, Ubezpieczenia

I have had the pleasure of working with Agnieszka for many years. So far it has been only in business, but ... after she made my life lighter in the professional area, I  expanded her support to work on my personal life resulting in  great peace and trust. Of course, also in this area Agnieszka has created “miracles” and helped me become more gentle for the most important woman in this world - that is myself.

Joanna Tabara, INTERIM Manager

Workshops run by Agnieszka evoke a wave of positive emotions and remain in your memory for a long time. They are professional, effective, specific and inspiring, just like Agnieszka herself. Agnieszka, as a trainer, has a unique ability to choose accurate "tools" to meet your needs, and the gift of sharing inspiring examples from a real life. However, what I value most about her is her mindful attentiveness, calmness and enthusiasm. These features build meetings with an atmosphere of authenticity and openness. We have several development projects behind us and I would like to add that Agnieszka is a great business partner. Working with her, I am always calm about achieving results and our conversations.

Ewa Kowalik, Sales Manager in Althea Polska

‘… I probably I met Agnieszka Michalska- Rechowicz 3 years ago, who at that time was running a workshop. A colleague advised me saying "Go, you will not regret it." It was so. The whole workshop was to the point and I already knew. I want more.

There would not be all these thoughts and answers to questions, if it were not for the work with a listening, to the point and inspiring Agnieszka, she is such a "cogito ergo sum".

In conclusion: I strongly recommend her !!!

Sławomir Pośpiech, Manager of ZF Automotive

I whole-heartedly recommend RETREAT OdNowa - WELLBEING PAUSE. During the workshop, Agnieszka invites you into a different reality, where acceptance, openness and inner peace flows. Retreat time is completely different in terms of quality - lived consciously, but also slowly. Time to be with yourself and be together with others. OdNowa is also an extremely atmospheric place:  based in the middle of a forest with a lake view. Lovely! I recommend it!

Małgorzata Krakowiak, Vice-President of the Management Board of the Factory of Local Initiatives Association

“ What I value the most in Agnieszka is the simplicity, calmness, comfort and power of femininity she brings in. After each session, I have clarity about my direction or action-plan, in which is in harmony with myself and I feel ‘sorted out’ anew. I know what is important for me, what is worth doing, what to let go. I feel support, compassion and the awareness of the  change being  created here and now.

What happens during sessions with Agnieszka? One comes with “too much” - tangled with his beliefs, ideas, habits, life experiences. This “too much” state is in his head, affecting his life by not, knowing which way to go to make things better. Agnieszka can show one a new path, a solution sometimes just by asking one question, suggesting one exercise leading to discovery of the inner truth.

Agnieszka ‘is all’ the power of observation, knowledge, life wisdom, feeling and support. Today I am grateful for Agnieszka's presence, her great company, transformation processes, her interest in the results of activities after the sessions, and her openness to me as a human being.

Gabrysia, Konsultant Feng Shui/ Home stager

Working together

For many years I have been consciously working on my personal image and brand; the quality of services that I offer, which is why choosing the right partners for cooperation is very important to me.

I invite you to contact me if:

  • you want me to run or participate in an event related to wellbeing, mental resilience & stress prevention
  • you search for or deliver corporate / system solutions aimed at the well-being of employees (organizational culture audit, prevention of stress, sabbatical leave, Incentive travel)
  • you have an interesting product or service that could enrich the experience of SPOKOJNIA customers. 

You can reach me at agnieszka@spokojnia.pl or (+48) 694 905 931

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    If you prefer traditional forms of contact
    agnieszka@spokojnia.pl • +48 694 905 931

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